HCG Pregnyl 5000iu


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  • Name: HCG Pregnyl 5000iu
  • Manufacturer: Organon
  • Contains: 5000iu HCG + Bacterial Water

Split into two doses 1x Monday + 1x Friday. We recommend to take HCG the same week you are finishing your cycle.

Use HCG Pregnyl 5000iu at the end of a treatment to avoid a “accident,” that is, to achieve the most effective possible change right into “all-natural training.” A precondition, nonetheless, is that the steroid intake or dosage be decreased gradually and also uniformly prior to taking HCG.

HCG triggers a fast and substantial increase of the endogenic plasmatestosterone level, however it is not a best treatment to stop the loss of stamina and also mass at the end of a steroid treatment. The professional athlete will just experience a delayed re-adjustment, as has actually often been observed. Although HCG does promote endogenous testosterone production, it does not assist in reestablishing the typical hypothalamic/pituitary testicular axis.

The hypothalamus and pituitary are still in a refractory state after long term steroid usage, as well as remain in this manner while HCG is being made use of, due to the fact that the endogenous testosterone produced as a result of the exogenous HCG quelches the endogenous LH production.


Inject one HCG ampule (5000 I.U.) every 5 days. Since the testosterone level remains considerably high for several days, it is unnecessary to inject HCG more than once every 5 days.

Athletes who take steroids for more than three months and athletes who use primarily the highly androgenic steroids such as Anadrol, Sustanon, Dianabol (D-bol), etc. should take a relatively high dosage. Dosage for athletes is usually 2000-5000 I.U. per injection and should as already mentioned be injected every 5 days. HCG should only be taken for a 4 weeks maximum.




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