Testosterone Enanthate


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  • Effective Dose (Men): 300 to 2000+ mg per week
  • Effective Dose (Women): Not recommended
  • Active Lifespan: 10.5 days
  • Detection Time: 3 months

Testosterone Enanthate is probably the most commonly used form of testosterone among athletes and bodybuilders. Testosterone Enanthate consists of a long-lasting single Testosterone ester that is of seven carbons in length. This steroid consists of a blend of the enanthate ester and testosterone, with the testosterone weight being far greater than the enanthate weight. That’s why it’s a purer version of Testosterone than its counterpart Testosterone Cypionate.

Benefits of Testosterone Enanthate

  1. Superior Performance: Test E is taken by professional athletes for strength, power, and speed.
  2. Increases Metabolic Rate: Test E triggers the release of testosterone in the body.
  3. Increases Muscle Endurance: Test E increases the endurance of muscles.
  4. Does Not Damage the Liver: Other steroids hepatotoxic, which means they are harmful to the liver. Not Test E – it does not affect the liver in any way.

Not recommended for beginners to bodybuilding, or even for those who are at an intermediate level. You should take no more than 200 to 500 mg of Testosterone Enanthate each week for a steroid cycle of 7 to 10 weeks.


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